Soulhealer – The Kings of Bullet Alley  (2011)

Soulhealer comes from Finland, and were found in 2009. Despite of the short existence they already launched an EP called “Dreamcatcher” in 2010, with a batch of 300 and in 2011 the new EP “The Kings of Bullet Alley”. Soulhealer are dedicated to the so called “classic” Heavy Metal, in doing so, their songs never seem to be fusty or antiquated. The band gives the traditional Heavy Metal a new and modern face without loosing the look for the essential.

So, I threw the CD into my player, to get an idea of the musical achievements of the band. The first title, which was named the album, carries you away. The guitars dominate this song and from time to time max out to grandiose Solo, together with the great voice of Jori Kärki this comes together to a modern sound, which looks for his equals in Heavy Metal. Compare moves to other bands would be risky, because in spite of the classic  impact of the songs, they are fresh and diversified.  Who wants to get a first impression, should look at the myspace-site of the band and listen to the there offered songs. The second song at this CD is called “Wheels of Fire“ and is a real blast, I already like this album. The next title “Zoned Out” is also dominated by guitars but held a bit quieter, nevertheless it's got the whole power, which I expected after I heard the announcement for the album. Then “Nightfall” is really bassy, it moves on a good eighties level, but for me it's a bit to american. My ultimate tip is doubtless “Dirty little Wars”, it reminds me of the Hardrock legend of “Survivor”, the refrain spirits to join the singing and I can't get this song out of my head, so be careful, it's got catchy tune character!
Now we skip to the eighth song, which I can only recommend, with “Nowhere Man” the musicians scratch close to Hardrock. Until now the album is mixed nicely and very diversified, even friends of Heavy Metal and Hardrock are served. It's still difficult for me, to believe that this band comes from Finland, because Finland is not known for their good Heavy Metal bands. I can emphasize just over and over again that the sound and the musical achievements of Soulhealer really convinced me. The CD closer,  “The real me”, works nicely with acoustic guitars and fades quietly.

The cover is pretty cool and reminds me of the eighties. I'm missing the booklet because this album is a
digipack, but this should not affect negatively and doesn't count for the evaluation. The CD  itself is produced in a very good soundqualitiy and is really pleasing to listen to.

Result: Who loves the Heavy Metal of the eighties should really buy this new album of Soulhealer. The sound is very good and the band members really know what they are doing, the songs are mixed in a good way and even after listening several times to the CD, it's every time again fun to listen again.

Soundquality: 10/10                   Variation: 8/10              Cover 9/10                   Booklet: 0/10
Total: 9/10


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